We - the association (club) “Maha Vira” - depends on the commitment of our volunteers. Because there an natural shift in the number of our voluntary employees, we regularly have look out for new volunteers. Now suddenly, with the domain “Tao-massage.nl” we got extra space on the web. Thus we decided to reshape this domain into a club-portal. At the moment already the first pages on the web appear; meanwhile there are also questions to an English version; moreover in short notice some of our volunteers, because of personal circumstances, have been omitted; so we need new volunteers.

The NatSpel-Site

It all started with the Internet site “NatSpel.nl”, which got a web-fleck within the domain “Tao-massage.nl”, that belonged to one of our members. The first three characters in the domain-name “NatSpel.nl” stand for the abbreviation of the word naturism (nudism); the second word means game or playing. It concerns here a special way of playing for adult people, with as aim detaching from negative body-conventions. We recognise the pages of this site from the pale blue colour; the site concerns mainly local activities, about naked yoga and natspel, so we decided to translate the pages of “tao-massage.nl” first.

The Portal Tao-Massage

Building this portal we have decided that indead an English version cann't be lacking. Reality however is differently; at the moment there are only a short English introduction and the preamble of this text. As an experiment we have tried writing this introduction in Babel-Fish-proof English; although, however, nice, hasn't entirely succeeded; about the other texts we don't go further in this way, because it took too much time. For the future of Tao-massage there are massive plans. Among other things it needs a forum. Unfortunately it is yet lacking still, of the man-power with enough knowledge.

Working on our sites

These Internet sites are a good example of voluntary commitment within Maha Vira. The “Natspel-site-team” is looking for an extension with creative people, so we can keep these sites interesting. A site which is not dynamic touches soon oblivion. The volunteers of the Natspel-team cooperate by means of the Internet, so it is not necessary to live anywhere near. In the form of Webwerk (Web-work) they've recently got its own spot on the site. This test-corner however is still long from finished too; interested: please contact us,

Greetings - also on behalf of the Natspel-team - Louis.